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2021 NFL Draft: Why Las Vegas Raiders Should Trade Down And Stock Draft Picks, Focus On Free Agency

2021 NFL Draft: Why Las Vegas Raiders Should Trade Down And Stock Draft Picks, Focus On Free Agency

ONN – 2021 NFL Draft: Why Las Vegas Raiders Should Trade Down And Stock Draft Picks, Focus On Free Agency – vlog by Zennie62 YouTube

2021 NFL Draft: Why Las Vegas Raiders Should Trade Down And Stock Draft Picks, Focus On Free Agency

The once Oakland Raiders, now Las Vegas Raiders, have a giant problem. As General Manager Mike Mayock said, they are not able to evaluate players in the normal way, and because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thus, a number of events that happened in 2020, did not happen this year, and that hampers the ability of the Las Vegas Raiders to get a feel for who they are going to draft in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Last week, Mayock said “A year ago if you told me we would be back in COVID restrictions for the offseason, I don’t even know if I would’ve made it to today.” That’s because Mayock is less the computer analytical draftnik, and more the “what was said about the player” NFL draft guy. He’s old school. and so his talent will be severely tested this NFL Draft Season.

“If any of you guys have college-aged kids and you’re worried about their fit — what college fits for them coming out of high school — that’s kind of the same way I try to look at things: What’s the best fit? Do we fit this kid? Does he fit in our building? And if you don’t get face to face with him, it’s hard.”

Given that, and the other COVID matters, the best overall strategy is for the Las Vegas Raiders to trade down and stock-pile draft picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. The money to pay players is not going to be there because of COVID.

Some NFL cap numbers that were ran for Albert Breer over at Sports Illustrated show the damage the Raiders are expected to have to deal with, and what the situation looks like overall for the league. It’s not pretty:

1. Jaguars: $86.42
2. Jets: $78.96 million
3. Colts: $70.89 million
4. Patriots: $68.74 million
5. Washington: $56.77 million
6. Broncos: $45.48 million
7. Bengals: $42.55 million
8. Panthers: $31.25 million
9. 49ers: $28.02 million
10. Chargers: $25.60 million
11. Dolphins: $24.34 million
12. Browns: $22.85 million
13. Cowboys: $21.78 million
14. Ravens: $19.61 million
15. Texans: $18.18 million
16. Buccaneers: $15.06 million
17. Cardinals: $14.95 million
18. Lions: $13.60 million
19. Giants: $7.61 million
20. Titans: $6.33 million
21. Seahawks: $6.23 million
22. Steelers: $5.33 million
23. Bills: $3.59 million
24. Vikings: minus-$4.94 million

25. Raiders: minus-$7.01 million

26. Bears: minus-$7.45 million
27. Packers: minus-$9.66 million
28. Falcons: minus-$17.84 million
29. Chiefs: minus-$21.11 million
30. Rams: minus-$26.26 million
31. Eagles: minus-$29.73 million
32. Saints: minus-$46.22 million

It was estimated that the NFL would get $10 billion in national revenue in 2020. According to reports, that money level is about the same in 2021. If Breer is right, and the salary cap is $183 million, then the team percentage share of the national revenue is just 52 percent, and that means $162.5 million in national revenue per team. That comes out to a haircut of $22 million per team. My guess is that the cap figure may be a little high, and I’ll check with Breer on that, and look around.

But, as you can see, the money level has gone down. The Raiders expected to lose $571 million due to not seating fans in 2020. The sponsorship picture is less clear, even though casinos have been hardest hit.

As you can see, it is easy to get lost in the calculations, but the 40,000-foot level says the best moves involve signing players for less money. That means trading down.

Stay tuned.

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Stay tuned.

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