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Espn’s Jeanna Laine Attacks Me For Blasting Dolpins Hire Of Mike Mcdaniel As Racist

ESPN’s Jenna Laine Attacks Me For Blasting Dolphins Hire Of Mike McDaniel As Racist


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ESPN’s Jenna Laine Attacks Me For Blasting Dolphins Hire Of Mike McDaniel As Racist

In the middle of a firestorm of lawsuits and criticism, the Miami Dolphins hired a Mike McDoniel, who was the San Francisco 49ers Offensive Coordinator for barely one year, a running backs coach, and in total, has a super-thin resume that I could not compare with Jim Caldwell, to name just one of a number of super-qualified black candidates. The hire is racist.

The first thing anyone says is that Mike McDoniel is “bi-racial” rather than tout his qualifications, and sends out the message that being “bi-racial” , rather than black, is better than being black. And here’s ESPN’s Jenna Laine attacking me on Twitter for attacking the hire of Mike McDoniel.

Folks, this is where it’s clear the NFL has a race problem. She tweets:

Did you just say that Mike McDaniel isn’t Black??? And what does him being from Aurora, Colorado have to do with anything? He’s not responsible for what police do there. And he’s been coaching longer than Sean McVay.

Well, for some odd reason ESPN’s Jenna Laine comes at me not as a friend, but as a combatant on the issue of race. Ok, so be it. Note that she did not at all talk about why Mike McDaniel is qualified, and now she’s going to bend over backwards and say he’s black, when he’s described as bi-racial, and some say they don’t know if his dad is black. In other words, it’s clear that Mike McDaniel was hired by the Dolphins to throw confusion in the talk about race in the middle of the Brian Flores Lawsuit.

My friend Jenna Laine is confused.

The NFL should not allow a look where well qualified black candidates are put on the back-burner for a public relations game played by a person who represents ESPN, an NFL media partner. Wow.

And I’m not fighting this on Jack’s site called Twitter – I have my own plaforms as black-owned media. Zennie62media. And thus…

Stay tuned.

Post-Script: About That Picture Of Jenna Laine And Me

By now you’re certainly wondering where the photo of Jenna and I with heads together came from?  If it gives a view that we’re friends, well, that’s what I too thought.  Because of that, I did at least expect a private follow-up from Ms. Laine, rather than a public attempt to blast me, when I didn’t even tag her on Twitter to start with.  Plus, I made what I now see as an assumption that she at least shared my sentiments regarding racism, and what it was. It was for that reason, which for me created the positive vibe from which the photo came at the NFL Combine of 2020, that I am now shocked at her decision to issue a tweet directed at me.  Taking it down says even more about what was driving her to do that.

I recall that we met because she recognized me at the Orlando NFL Owners Meeting and said “We’ve followed your Jameis Winston posts” or words to that effect.  I assumed the audience was a friendly one, but now I’m not so sure.  I have been consistent in my view that the white mainstream media has looked at Jameis with a set of racist eyes commonly experienced by black professional men.  Many times my take has not been reflected in white mainstream media, and the lack of content backing what I put out is buttressed by the lack of black-owned media that would come to his defense. 

As my talk with USA TODAY reporter and friend Jarrett Bell revealed, the white mainstream media is responsible for a double-standard between black NFL coaches and white NFL coaches, where black NFL coaches get more negative press by far than white NFL coaches.   And so, here we are, almost right on cue, with the white mainstream media doing just that with Mike McDaniel, and taking up word arms against me is my so-called friend Jenna Laine.  Boy, I learned something here. 

I wonder how many black men take up defense of the causes of women, more to the point, white women they thought were friends, only to be blind-sided by an ad hominem social-media-based, attack?  It’s an open question.  But it affirms my view that many friendships today are not strong if they don’t have a basis in regular, normal, voice contact and physical presence. Virtual contact is no replacement for the real thing. 

What I experienced was more evidence that, while we need to talk about race, the very medium of social media is making it harder to get that talk started.  That said, the rate of inter-racial marriage is so high it’s more than common-place, and that starts with friendship, too.  Now, I have to add one major fact: sports media is terribly poorly integrated. 

Zippa.com reports that of all sports writers, only 5.6 percent are black, 70.1 percent are white, 12.7 percent are Latino, and 7.6 percent are Asian.  That means you have mostly white people forming the media narrative about sports where the players are overwhemingly black.  That’s weird, to say the least, and dangerous. 

It means that stories that get out about black players are told via a white lens, and so the audience winds up thinking about a black player from a white point of view.  Again, not good, as it invites automatic racism.

And in this statistic, how many of the black sports writers are really video-bloggers who own their own media companies?   BlackSportsOnline is the only publication I can think of that is larger than the 29 million page views OaklandNewsNow.com racked up in 2021; it enjoyed 75 million in 2017, but has not posted any more updated stats, and this is 2022.  My point is, the number of black-owned publications focusing on sports and pop-culture, and of notable traffic size is, well, tiny.   A fact that has only energized me, not stopped me. 

But my point is that Jenna now seems an unwitting part of a club that serves as a gate-keeper of the NFL’s rather awful habits that keep black men out of the head coach club more often than not.  Of that, I am not certain, with respect to her position and thinking, but I do know there needs to be dialog.


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