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hate crimes against blacks in oa

Hate Crimes Against Blacks in Oakland – Alameda County, CA Outpaced Any Other Group Annually

Hate Crimes Against Blacks in Oakland – Alameda County, CA Outpaced Any Other Group Annually
From YouTube Channel: March 12, 2021 at 01:52AM
ONN – Hate Crimes Against Blacks in Oakland – Alameda County, CA Outpaced Any Other Group Annually

There’s an idea that has to stop. Actually several. They are that Oakland Anti-Asian hate crimes are on the rise, and the frequency of them are such that they are more than anti-Black / African American hate crimes. And there’s an idea that the hate crimes done to Asians are only by African Americans.

Well, the annual report by the California Attorney General shows this for the State:

2019: Anti-White 39, Anti-Black 243, Anti-Latino 110, Anti-Asian 43, Anti-Nat Am 1, Anti-Hawaiian 0, Anti Arab 20, Anti-Other 32.
2018: Anti-White 58, Anti-Black 334, Anti-Latino 178, Anti-Asian 37, Anti-Nat Am 2, Anti-Hawaiian 3, Anti Arab 19, Anti-Other 34.
2017: Anti-White 47, Anti-Black 302, Anti-Latino 126, Anti-Asian 37, Anti-Nat Am 5, Anti-Hawaiian 3, Anti Arab 15, Anti-Other 42.

The point is that blacks in California are consistently the most targeted group in the State of California, and by a wide margin. Yet, no one ever talks about changing a culture that creates this dynamic – yet when a crime happens to someone who happens to be Asian, then that’s called a hate crime. But, if that same crime happens to someone black, it’s not called a hate crime. That’s weird. It is also wrong.

Overall, hate-crime statistics are spotty, and the current seeming wave of Anti-Asian hate crimes in Oakland have a curious twist: they’re assaults done to someone Asian, but the question is, does that make them hate crimes? In other words, how many blacks are assaulted in Oakland? How many white?

The main problem is that while Asians are protected by Asians and also blacks and others in Oakland, what about African Americans? And even if blacks are killing other blacks, as far as I am concerned, that too is a hate crime, and should be thought as such. Asians should be interested in stopping blacks from killing each other, too.

The main problem is that the very gathering and reporting on hate crime statistics is, in itself, racist. You can’t count every crime against someone Asian as a hate crime. If that is the case, then every crime done to a black person is also a hate crime. If we have situations where the crime is black on black, then that too must be considered a hate crime. Also white to white. In other words, the reporting of statistics must be uniform; right now it is disjointed.

We live in a society where Crowds on Demand or Demand Protest can be hired to stage events. Demand Protest has a testimony from a client that goes like this: “We have seen momentous change as the result of our first two campaigns. It was astonishing to see operatives go above and beyond sometimes to their own detriment, to drive our story with the public. – CAMPAIGN CHAIR Unnamed 2016 Presidential Campaign.”

Ok, you tell me that was not Trump For President. Demand Protest is sworn to silent secrecy (and the 2017 Verge post claiming it is fake is an example of sloppy opinion reporting that I could say is a smoke screen for the people who run that firm and Crowds on Demand). Someone needs to look at what my three-time-interview guest Rick Gates was doing for the Trump For President Campaign in 2016. He was even working to hire a group to do one thing: online manipulation of news. He got a proposal from The Psy Group, which were to charge $3 million, if they were hired.

Yet, these organizations are silently moving the social needle and in ways that are against the idea of American democracy. I contend that this kind of effort has been done in Oakland over the past two years, and with success, because they have not been found out.

The City of Oakland needs a special task force to investigate and stop this.

Stay tuned.

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