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Henry Sintay’s “Jogger Joe”, Who Threw Homeless Man’s Items In Lake Merritt Oakland, Attacked Matt Nelson

UPDATE: “Jogger Joe” Henry Sintay Arrested, Monday, June 11th in Oakland

UPDATE: Henry Sintay’s Facebook Page yields more information on “Jogger Joe”, presumably of Oakland.

The “Jogger Joe” who threw the homeless man called “Drew” or “Greg’s” Items into Lake Merritt and a trash can in Oakland, has a name, and it’s Henry Sintay. The person who learned this is Oakland’s Matt Nelson, who, in the process of talking to Mr. Sintay about why he dumped Greg’s possessions, was beaten up for making a livestream video of him on Facebook.

But first, a brief recap of the initial story.

On Saturday June 9th, 2018, a man was spotted by J.J. Harris and other Oakland residents taking what he called “the trash” away from a corner area of the main colummns structure at the northeast end of Lake Merritt. That “trash” belonged to an African American homless Man called, again, “Jru” or “Greg’s” according to persons who worked to raise money for him to replace the belongings thrown away by Mr. Sintay.

In the Twitter video that was made by J.J. Harris, who goes by @techboogie on Twitter, the man Harris calls “Jogger Joe” or #JoggerJoe goes from kicking some of the materials into the Lake, to picking up the rest and putting it in the trash. When asked why he was doing it, “Jogger Joe” would only say “I like a clean Lake, don’t you.” In that video, we didn [‘t learn the name of “Jogger Joe”; Oakland Lake Merritt resident Matt Nelson did.

Later the same day according to Nelson’s Facebook livestream video post that was the focus of a Twitter tweet under the hashtag #Oakland, he walked up to Mr. Sintay as he was in the Lake, and inquired as to what he was doing and what happened. “Jogger Joe” explained that “this guy has taken up a permanent residence over here,” refering to where Greg slept at the Columns of Lake Merritt. “Jogger Joe” added that “I cleaned up his shit, and then some of the other shit fell in (to the Lake)”.

But Matt Nelson and at least one other person in the video didn’t understand why “Jogger Joe” would take it upon himself to do what he said he did – not to mention it was the wrong action to take. “Why would anyone grab his stuff and move it?,” asked Matt Nelson. “Because, uhmm, I don’t like to pollute the Lake. I’m trying to do the f-ing right thing,” “Jogger Joe” responded, and just after another observer in the conversation group asked “Did you vote for Trump?”

“I pick up trash all over the place,” “Jogger Joe” then said, ‘His shit. Anyone’s shit. I don’t know. It’s trash.”

Mr. Nelson then asked “How long have you lived here?” “Jogger Joe” looked down at his hand, scratched it, and said “I don’t know, a long time,” in a very quiet voice.

“You’ve been here before?” Nelson asked. “Yeah, “Jogger Joe” responded. “So you knew it was his stuff.” Then, as Matt was talking, “Jogger Joe” asked another person to the left if he was recording. Mr. Nelson said “Cause I’ve seen him. I bike by here, like, every day.” Then he asked “Oh what’s your name?” But then “Jogger Joe” stuck out his hand to shake it, but noticed the cell phone camera and went to grab it from him. Then a struggle happened as the phone recorded the action. He ran off, did Nelson, calling to someone else as he did.

On Facebook, Nelson reported “Is this that same dude? UPDATE: Thank you, loved ones! And thanks especially to my amazing nephew, Theo! Henry and his “friend” assaulted me multiple times, I was also dragged by their moving vehicle and hit a few times in the head, but I’m safe now. Still do not have my phone. Please keep calling it and if Henry picks up, I’d like it back. I’ll continue to share the story and folks should feel free to reach out to me here or via email.”

On Twitter, an observer tweeted that “Jogger Joe’s” name was Hentry Sintay. I searched for the name “Hentry Sintay” and while I must admit I have no confirmation beyond what was posted regarding his name, I found a photo that resembles the “Jogger Joe” in the Nelson livestream.

If that person in the photo on this page on “arrestfacts.com” is the same “Henry William Sintay”, then he was released from jail in Lake County, California, November 17th, 2017. Prior to getting out of jail, Mr. Sintay was there for two years for marijuana possession and consipiracy to commit a crime. I don’t know if his being released from prison had anything to do with the legalization of marijuana.

Henry William Sintay
Henry William Sintay on arrestfacts.com

But one fact shows.

If this is the same “Henry William Sintay”, he has not been in Oakland “a long time” or anytime, for that matter. There’s no record of him ever living in Oakland, but there is one of him living in Escondido, California, in Lake County. He may very well be a drifter, of some kind. But whatever the case, he’s clearly not afraid to do harm to others, either by taking their items and throwing them into Lake Merritt, as he did with Greg’s possessions, or assaulting a man like Matt Nelson for doing what he had a legal right to do: make a video of him in a public space, again, Lake Merritt.

In my opinion, “Henry William Sintay” or “Jogger Joe” should be considered dangerous and should be apprehended by Oakland Police, if he’s still in Oakland at all.

Stay tuned.

FOLLOW-UP: a Zennie62 viewer sent information that’s in this new video that provides another look into what may drive the dangerous Mr. Sintay:

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