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Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal Update On Coal Politics In Richmond, CA

Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal Update On Coal Politics

ONN – Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal Update On Coal Politics In Richmond, CA

In this Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal and Insight Terminal Solutions update, we find the political winds shifting toward favorable views of bulk terminals that handle coal, or coal terminals. It can’t be stressed enough that the Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal is not a coal terminal, but it is a bulk terminal that handles coal and other commodities.

Richmond California Planning Commission Approves Legislation Impacting Terminal That Handles Coal

The Coal and Petroleum Coke Ordinance, if passed, would call for a phasing out of storage of coal. But the legislation, if passed, would essentially save and exempt the Levin-Richmond Port, which employs 60 people – all union jobs. (Note, Insight Terminal Solutions CEO John Siegel has no business interest or ties to the Richmond coal terminal issue.)

The Richmond California Planning Commission voted unanimously for the ordinance.

The result and the reaction by the one media organization that reported on it, presents what’s become a sad disconnect between jobs creation and the environment on the part of climate change activists. At a time when technological change is erasing jobs, the climate change activists seem determined to get rid of any form of employment they deem as “dirty”, and without asking how technology can be employed to solve the problem. Consider this entry by the Bay City Beacon:

Five hours later, the Richmond Planning Commission made an unanimous choice between possible health impacts and jobs: jobs.

Richmond’s homeless population was said to have increased to 270 people in 2018. Given the overall rise of those homeless population numbers in California, it would not be surprising to find the tally higher in 2019. The climate change activists don’t seem to care that the ordinance in total points the way toward lower emissions, and they don’t at all offer any technology that might help save jobs and reduce emissions. The climate change activists just don’t seem to be bothered by creating more homeless people. That, then, explains why their efforts fail more often than not. Jobs and emissions reduction can go together, and historically in America, have.

In the case of Insight Terminal Solutions OBOT, every effort has been made to reduce emissions, from use of the low-emission Oakland Global Rail Enterprise rail engine, to covered rail cars.

Closed Eastern Utah Coal Mine To Start Up Again, Could Bring Up To 400 Jobs

That heading is the headline from The Salt Lake Tribune.

It reports that:

Executives with Wolverine Fuels, Utah’s largest coal producer, told a legislative panel last week that it holds leases on 58 million tons of recoverable coal on a tract near Orangeville it calls Fossil Rock. The coal can be accessed through Trail Mountain’s sealed portals.

“We have plans to breach those seals and begin mining as early as next year,” Vice President of Operations Garrett Atwood told an interim committee.

“It would be a boon to the Utah economy. … We are talking in the neighborhood of 100 employees,” Atwood added. “These are all high-paying jobs in a rural economy.”

Wolverine plans to convert the mine from a continuous to a long-wall operation, he said, which would employ between 300 and 400.

And it’s relevance to the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal and the work of Phil Tagami and Insight Terminal Solutions is clear. Read:

“There is this notion that coal is dying, [but] we can’t hire enough qualified people right now,” Atwood said. “We have been growing and hiring more people at each of our mines. There is an opportunity to keep growing. We see the export market picking up and continue to be strong. As long as we can maintain access to the ports, we will continue to sell our coal overseas — even though the U.S. market may be declining.”

Emery is one of four Utah coal counties that sought to invest $53 million in an export terminal under development in Oakland, Calif., before the project became mired in controversy after East Bay activists and elected officials got wind of the plans to ship coal.

Many local officials opposed coal being handled in Oakland, which passed an ordinance banning coal. A federal judge has since invalidated that ban.

“If that port would go through, it would enable them to load more coal out for export,” Sitterud said. “But right now the environmentalists are causing so much problems with that Oakland port, I’m not sure whether it will ever come to fruition.”

Known then as Bowie Resource Partners, Wolverine arrived in Utah in 2013, when it bought three of the state’s most productive coal mines, as well as rail load outs and coal-processing plants. It also acquired a company called Fossil Rock Resources, which held several coal leases between the Trail Mountain and Cottonwood mines, from PacifiCorp, the utility that operates the nearby Hunter and Huntington coal-fired power plants.

Atwood expects Fossil Rock to help supply those plants with high-quality coal that he said holds 11,500 British thermal units per pound and less than 0.6% percent sulfur. The mine is located a few miles up Cottonwood Creek from the road between Orangeville and Joe’s Valley Reservoir in the Wasatch Plateau.

Fake News About Coal In Mainstream Media

In closing, this observation: there’s a lot of fake news in mainstream media, today. The two articles liked to were peppered with myths about coal and devoid of any attempt to fully report why Worldwide demand for coal has remained steady and what coal is used for other than energy production – like making steel for use in skyscrapers. Thus, the idea that coal is “phasing out” but the numbers only apply for America, not for the World.

The real focus should be applying technology to the reduction of emissions, not throwing people out of their jobs.

Stay tuned.

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