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Leigh Steinberg On Patrick Mahomes, NFL Anthem, Oakland Raiders

ONN – Leigh Steinberg On Patrick Mahomes, NFL Anthem, Oakland Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the toast of the town in not just Kansas City, but pretty much every NFL stadium. As of now, the former Texas Tech star is the leading passer in the National Football League, throwing for 2,901 yards, 29 touchdowns, and a QB rating of 116.7. His Chiefs stand at the top of the AFC with an 8 and 1 record, and many picking them to represent the conference in Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta.

With all that, I turned to none other than his agent and my friend Leigh Steinberg to talk about how life has changed for Patrick Mahomes. But this was the Leigh show, so Leigh and I also talked about the Oakland Raiders and Jon Gruden, the NFL Anthem, the chance the Ferittas Brothers would buy the Oakland Raiders, why the Silver and Black are doing so bad, and what’s Jon Gruden doing, anyway?

But we started with Patrick Mahomes.


“The ironic thing is that there are a whole lot of people who thought that he was a gunslinger that he’d come out of a spread offense that it would take years for him to develop. But he had the good fortune of going to the Kansas City Chiefs which has stable ownership and has a great coach quarterback Whisperer and Andy Reed a very good front-office and a lot of tools. And he got to sit last year behind Alex Smith and that gave him the opportunity to learn without being out there.
played for one year.”

“The best thing about him, is he’s a great young man and he’s got a big heart wants to do all sorts of charitable things so he’s in a little bit of a zone. and
He probably is the hottest young athlete in America right now but his focus is just on playing. So he’s able to stay focused, have a quiet mind, tune out all the extraneous things. But you know there have been weeks where he was the number
one trending item on Google there have been times where he looks like the whole
country’s in love. Kansas City is greatly in love with him. But again you have a genuinely nice person who’s considerate of other people and if you want to be deflects all the praise and talks about his offensive lineman and his receivers.”

The rest of our talk is on the video, so sit back and get a cup of tea, relax and watch.

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Stay tuned.

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