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ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC’s Oakland News Now blog news aggregator site employs a technology that automatically embeds videos from YouTube channels, and for the purpose of forming a zeitgeist of the news, today, in Oakland, America, and The World. Because this technology represents a relatively news and novel approach in media, there’s likely to be some misunderstanding. This page should clear up any mis-interpretation of the system and its intent.

The Oakland News Now System Auto-Embeds Newsworthy YouTube-Based Videos, Not Videos From A Website Owned By A Content Owner

The Oakland News Now System operates within a digital ecosystem guided by a process allowed by the “Fair Use” doctrine in United States copyright law. Specifically, the intent of the Oakland News Now System is to report the news, and ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC. has determined that YouTube videos are newsworthy because every recognized news-reporting organization in the world has at least one YouTube channel, and video-bloggers are commonly recognized as independent news reporters, today.

The way YouTube’s user experience and video presentation technology is designed is such that a person who has made a video must upload it to YouTube. Once that action is taken, the video on YouTube is subject to be shared on social media or embedded on websites or blog posts, by design of the YouTube page. ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC (at https://www.zennie62media.com) has no control over the Google YouTube design and coding that allows that process to take place.

If the video uploaded happens to belong to an owner other than the person or group that owns the YouTube channel, and the video was uploaded without the knowledge and permission of the video owner, then the obvious copyright infringement problem would be between the video-owner and the owner of the YouTube channel. No viewer of the video, or person or organization who elected to embed the video on their website or blog site can be accused of violating copyright law.

Whether the video was infringing on the copyright rights of the video owner can’t be known by the viewer of the video, or person or organization who elected to embed the video on their website or blog site. Moreover, if the video is removed from the YouTube channel, the ability to see it is automatically taken away from viewers of the blog or website where it was embedded, and that’s beyond the control of the person or organization who elected to embed the video. ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC. is one of those “persons or organizations who elected to embed the video”.

That written, ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC. has always removed, and will always continue to take down, pages where a video that was posted on a YouTube channel was removed by YouTube or the YouTube channel owner. And if there’s a page without a video, it’s only because we missed it. (It must be said that YouTube videos pages which have a black photo marked “video unavailable” and a link back to the YouTube page of that video, are not considered take-down candidates. The reason is, the basic dynamic of the Oakland News Now page on that video is to allow a viewer to watch that video, and each and every Oakland News Now video news blog page has its own link back to that video, separate from one a YouTube channel owner might activate. Thus, regardless of the owner, there’s always a link back to the original video page from Oakland News Now.

Moreover, ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC. does not endeavor to make its own thumbnail photo to promote any video from a YouTube channel that is embedded on Oakland News Now; the thumbnails are always the product of the YouTube system, which automatically makes the thumbnail photo, or the YouTube Channel Owner, which can make the thumbnail photo for the video on that channel that then may be auto-embedded in Oakland News Now.

Thus, video content takedown requests for YouTube videos seen at Oakland News Now, must be directed to the YouTube channel that posted the video, and not ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC. One cannot simply contact ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC.because it’s on Oakland News Now, and not another website. That points to an an illegal attempt to discriminate against ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC. for exercising a right given to the public at large by Google / YouTube.

The Oakland News Now System Auto-Embeds Newsworthy YouTube-Based Videos And Provides Great Search Engine Optimization Benefits To YouTube Channels That Host The Videos

The Oakland News Now YouTube Video Auto-Embed System results in higher positioning of embeded YouTube-based videos in search on YouTube. Popular video-bloggers like Steven Campbell of Not Leaving Las Vegas, the YouTube channel that features livestream of happenings on The Las Vegas Strip, have praised Oakland News Now for making news of his videos. “My video was seen thousands of times because of Oakland News Now” said Mr. Campbell, “and I have to say thanks.”

As Mr. Campbell’s Not Leaving Las Vegas – a Vegas Video Channel is (like Zennie62 YouTube Channel) a YouTube Partner Channel, he also gains more money from the additional views and impressions his videos gain when they are auto-embedded on Oakland News Now. 100 percent of that new revenue goes to Mr. Campbell; ZENNIE62MEDIA does not seek compensation for the service, and does not plan to do so. Ever. This system provides the ultimate win-win.

More often than not videos posted that are news about common people in Oakland, America, and the World, yet have no more than one or two views, gain more views and exposure (and if they’re YouTube Partner Channels, money) when they are picked up by the Oakland News Now YouTube Video Auto-Embed System.

Moreover, and because the search eco-system on YouTube is vastly different from that on content search engines, a popular YouTube video is not necessarily popular in standard search. Thus, one can’t say that ZENNIE62MEDIA benefits more than the YouTube channel owner, or vice-versa; it winds up being an equal outcome.

Thanks for reading and understanding, Zennie Abraham, ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC., CEO