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Paris Hilton And Miles Fisher Aka Tom Cruise Deepfake Video Points To Very Scary Political Future

Paris Hilton And Miles Fisher AKA Tom Cruise Deepfake Video Points To Very Scary Political Future


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Paris Hilton And Miles Fisher AKA Tom Cruise Deepfake Video Points To Very Scary Political Future

That’s the famed Paris Hilton with Tom Cruise, right? And they’re enjoying cereal, right? Look carefully. You can’t tell Tom Cruise is not Tom Cruise. And therein lay the problem.

That’s Miles Fisher. He’s known as a Tom Cruise impersonator, but only via what is called “ deepfake” technology. Miles has been featured on 60 Minutes presenting deepfake tech at work.

In 2019, Mikes actually got a segment of the population to think Tom Cruise was running for President. He wasn’t. And that wasn’t even using deepfake technology. But imagine if it was?

Now Paris and Miles are shocking America with a commercial of sorts. Should we allow deepfake technology? My question is how do we stop it?

In The Blast, Miles Fisher said he was the unofficial leader of the deepfake movement.  And that “it’s important to learn and I’m fascinated by this. This is the bleeding edge of technology. I think we’ve created the first deepfake that’s so realistic, that a large majority of people have seen.”

And he’s right.

Miles Fisher Sees Deepfake Tech As Opening A New Door To Identity Rights

In the same post on The Blast, Mr. Fisher says “How can we use this technology by creating kind of identity rights? Let’s say Tom Cruise gave us the consent for this likeness, where we could move beyond just small parody clips. Everybody gets paid for that intellectual property.”   Now, from that perspective, he’s completely correct.  My concern is how do we stop anyone, a cyber-terrorist for example, from using this to move a political effort, or worse, start a full-scale war?

It’s time to pass laws to control the use of deepfake technology in cities and the nation.  I write “control” because I believe if this became a black market tech, the payment of using it would far outstrip the legal damage from it.  I think we need something to counter it like increased use of video-blogging, if only to mark where a person was and what they said.  Then, the field would be like blogging was in the early 21st Century, with networks of bloggers pointing out when a post had what we now call “fake news.”

Deepfakes Are The Next Frontier Of Media But We Need A Less Scary Name

This post opening at All3DP.com best sums up deepfake tech and its future, and ours:

Synthetic media is the artificial production, manipulation, or modification of images, video, and audio using artificial intelligence. When used to mislead or deceive, they’re often described as “deepfakes” – the word “deep” stemming from deep learning software.

The underlying technology has many positive applications ranging from adding effects to Hollywood movies, creating lifelike human avatars for customer services, generating fun social media clips, and more. However, their use to create political misinformation, fake celebrity and revenge porn, and even to commit fraud has captured news headlines and raised concerns.

Not all fakes are necessarily deepfakes, but the combination of new AI-based manipulation tools with traditional CGI and special effects can produce very convincing results. Indeed, telling fake from reality can be harder than you think; try MIT’s online research to see how well you can do!

Today, synthetic media technology stands on the brink of not only altering and manipulating existing visual and audio records in a convincing way but also creating entirely synthetic worlds, populated by believable and engaging characters. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this technology, including its history, the key players pushing it forward, as well as an overview of how deepfakes are made.

Stay tuned.


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