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Seneca Scott Runs For Mayor of Oakland – Talks About It On Zennie62 YouTube

UPDATE: The Seneca Scott interview just finished at Zennie62 YouTube, and you can watch it below. Mr. Scott powerfully presented his raison d’tre for running for Mayor of Oakland. He even presented his gun to demonstrate that he’s pro-second-amendment.

Seneca Scott, the West Oakland Community Activist who ran for the Oakland City Council District Three seat won by Carroll Fife, has thrown his hat into the ring for the 2022 Oakland Mayoral Election. Seneca’s joining me, Zennie Abraham, to talk about his campaign for the job on Thursday, February 24th, at 4 PM PST, live at Zennie62 YouTube Channel, and here:

Seneca’s website at senecaforoaklandmayor2022.com hits you between the eyes with proclamations that are hard to disagree with like “City Hall has weak leaders that lack accountability” and “The lack of accessible housing remains a fundamental contributor to the homeless crisis”. Seneca says we need a new form of government that is more accountable to Oaklanders. “It’s cruel and unfair to our unhoused neighbors to continue to allow them to live in squalor. It’s time for our unhoused neighbors to get the help they desperately need. City Hall has failed to enforce its own Encampment Management Policy for over a year now and the results have been devastating,” Seneca says.

Mr. Scott also remarks “From regular freeway shootings to pervasive criminal activity, neighbors are terrified to walk down our own streets. Our small businesses, especially in our cannabis community, have been robbed mercilessly. We are losing economic opportunities and prosperity because we can’t keep our streets safe.”

Seneca has not just talked about these problems, he;s worked to help solve them.

His website informs us about his path: Seneca moved to Oakland in 2012 to work as the East Bay Director for SEIU Local 1021, representing and negotiating improvements to wages and working conditions for thousands of workers in East Bay cities, most notably Oakland. It didn’t take long for Seneca to fall in love with The Town for it’s independent spirit and love of nature. Moving to the Lower Bottoms, he immediately went to work in the community co-founding Bottoms Up Community Gardens and Oakhella. Seneca likes to say that all of his endeavors serve the same purpose, helping to bring Oakland Neighbors closer together.

Join us for a great platform to hear Seneca talk about his run for Mayor of Oakland, here, on Zennie62 YouTube.

Stay tuned.

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