Sheng Thao Is Mayor Of Oakland But Will She Fuse A Divided City Or Hurt Non Supporters?

Sheng Thao Is Mayor Of Oakland But Will She Fuse A Divided City Or Hurt Non-Supporters?

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Sheng Thao Is Mayor Of Oakland But Will She Fuse A Divided City Or Hurt Non-Supporters? Zennie62 Oakland News Now YouTube vlog

Well, Tuesday, November 21st, 2022 saw now former Oakland Mayoral Candidate Loren Taylor take to the podium and at a time when many expected him to call for an election recount, gave in and conceded the race to now former Oakland Councilmember Sheng Thao. And in doing so, Loren gave up what was his last chance to call for the righting of wrongs done during the Oakland election campaign. Let’s face it: Sheng Thao made herself a divisive figure in a town already divided and at a time when someone was needed to bring all parties together.

For me, Sheng Thao’s divisive behavior came from word-of-mouth, when a long-time political friend told me that Sheng was “throwing people under the bus” and has become “ambitious” and a “monster” in her pursuit of the job of Mayor of Oakland. While my friend did not elaborate at the time, I got a first-hand idea of what he meant in February of this year.

Sheng, who I have known for about seven years, texted me with a request to meet on ZOOM so that she could learn about Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIDL) legislation and tax increment financing (TIF). The reason was she had an idea for a city wide Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District plan and wanted my feedback and also wanted to understand how TIF worked. But then she told me she did not want anyone to know about the meeting. And when I asked to be hired as a consultant given my 37-years of experience at tax increment financing revenue calculations, she said she was going to use another consultant. So, why have me here in the ZOOM room?

Sheng Thao said that she would hire me when she became Mayor of Oakland. Yep. She said that. I, on the other hand, was not at all willing to wait that and felt I was being used – but I didn’t become contentious during the meeting. Afterward, and through the year, she never answered my request to interview her, but she would make time for white-owned mainstream media.

Then, Seneca Scott emerged as a personality in the campaign. Scott, who was learning on the go, made the mistake of being seen holding a stupid sign that some others saw as anti-trans. When I got a wind of the controversy, I asked him and Seneca Scott swore up and down that he was not at all that and that the appearance was an error in judgement – I took him at his word. But Sheng Thao did not.

Rather than leave the matter alone, Sheng Thao took to Facebook to make a video blasting Seneca Scott, rather than calling him to find out the truth. No Oakland Mayoral Candidate has done that at all, ever, in history. So, for me, that was another sign of the monster that Sheng Thao has become. And that was before she hit her objective – now, Loren gave her a green light to get it.

All of this in the wake of the LeAna Powell controversy where Sheng Thao and her staff violated Powell’s employment rights and then proceeded to make vile comments about her and then send background check information to Oaklandside in an attempt to force a smear hit piece to be written about Powell just days before the election.

And then there’s the City Hall time stamp issue and how it looks as of Sheng got special treatment by the City Clerk’s office that saved her from missing the Oakland Mayoral Election Signature Filing Deadline by a good half an hour.

So, already Sheng Thao is entering the Mayor’s Office under a cloud of major suspicion. And given the horrible way she’s already treated me, I do not expect her to be any better as Oakland’s Mayor. I would be shocked if she turned around and proved me wrong by contacting me. I would be shocked if she tried to bring Oakland together. She and her staff have acted more like street thugs than public officials.

Just ask LeAna Powell.

Stay tuned.



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