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Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg On Tony Buzbee Lawsuit vs Texans Deshaun Watson What Should QB Do?

Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg On Tony Buzbee Lawsuit vs Texans Deshaun Watson What Should QB Do?

Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg On Tony Buzbee Lawsuit vs Texans Deshaun Watson What Should QB Do?
From YouTube Channel: March 24, 2021 at 03:59AM
ONN – Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg On Tony Buzbee Lawsuit vs Texans Deshaun Watson What Should QB Do?

On the matter of the Tony Buzbee Lawsuit against Houston Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson, and where the Houston Super Lawyer has filed 14 separate lawsuits, often containing tawdry descriptions, I asked long time friend Leigh Steinberg what he thinks Watson should do.

Leigh said that if the claims are true, then Watson should apologize, but if Watson is innocent of the claims, then his lawyer (Rusty Harden) should get on television and aggressively refute Tony’s attack. Because there is this “drip drip drip” as Leigh put it, of words that put Deshaun Watson in a bad light. Leigh said that the normal person will just associate one or two words with Watson, and nothing else, unless his lawyer gets on TV and tells his story, again and again.

To date, and while Buzbee claims he has evidence, he has not presented anything that’s real: the text messages look like he faked them with the help of an artists. Buzbee promised more text messages but never offered any more. And it seem to me , in my opinion, that none of the lawsuits have any basis in fact, and because they read more like someone wrote them to make Watson look bad, rather than to explain a true story.

Buzbee designed the case to achieve a settlement, not to tell the truth – he knows that 95 percent of lawsuits end in settlements of some kind.
To that end, I have held, and continue to assert my opinion, that Mr. Buzbee has formed a lawsuit strategy that diverts from the truth, and for that reason he should be disbarred under Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct Section 8.04 (3): Misconduct: A lawyer shall not: engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

Watson’s Lawyer Rusty Hardin Has Opened The Door To Tony Buzbee’s Possible Disbarment From The Texas State Bar With This Statement

“I want to emphasize at the outset that we and Deshaun recognize that sexual assault and harassment are not only unlawful, but morally wrong. It takes courage for women to come forward to report being mistreated, particularly when they attach their names to a lawsuit. We do not take these allegations lightly. However, fairness to the accused is equally as important.

“Opposing counsel has orchestrated a circus-like atmosphere by using social media to publicize 14 ‘Jane Doe’ lawsuits during the past seven days in a manner calculated to inflame the public and malign Deshaun’s otherwise sterling reputation. In addition, the tactic of refusing our requests to confidentially provide the names of the plaintiffs so we can fully investigate their claims makes uncovering the truth extremely difficult. Anonymity is often necessary as a shield for victims but opposing counsel has used it as a sword to publicly humiliate Deshaun before the truth seeking process can even begin.

“I believe that any allegation that Deshaun forced a woman to commit a sexual act is completely false. And in the one case in which we have been able to identify a plaintiff, we have strong evidence showing the allegation is false. In January of this year, a woman attempted to blackmail Deshaun by demanding $30,000 in exchange for her “indefinite silence” about what she stated was a consensual encounter. It is our belief this woman is the plaintiff in Cause No. 2021-15613. (Please see the declaration by Bryan Burney below.) This calls into question the legitimacy of the other cases as well.

“We have received numerous unsolicited comments in the past week from many licensed massage therapists who have worked with Deshaun in recent years. These women describe him as a gentleman and a model client who never engaged in inappropriate conduct. Indeed, before these salacious claims, everyone who associated with Deshaun described him as an outstanding, respectful, and compassionate man.

“Again, we are taking the allegations very seriously and we ask only that people not rush to judgment, that people not be unduly influenced by opposing counsel’s antics, and that they let fundamental fairness to both sides rule the day. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Stay tuned.

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