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Taysom Hill Concussed

Taysom Hill As Saints QB Starter? No. After 2021 Concussions He May Have CTE

Taysom Hill is not the answer for the New Orleans Saints problems and starting him at quarterback may cause him to suffer more brain damage than he’s already sustained after two known concussions. Some Saints beat reporters are beating the drum for Saints Head Coach Sean Payton to start the popular multi-task football player at quarterback, and because of Saints Starting QB Jameis Winston‘s season-ending injury and fill-in QB Trevor Siemien’s poor play.

But here’s why inserting Taysom Hill as QB is not only a bad idea, but, as stated, one that could ruin him for the rest of his life. Indeed, it seems the Saints brain trust knows that, and have already set him up financially, but aren’t telling the public, or the press.


Taysom Hill Has Sustained Not One, But Two Known Concussions In 2021

The popular story most of the beat press likes to run with is that Taysom Hill had one concussion from an awful, and un-called-for helmet-and-shoulder-to-helmet hit done to him by Washington Football Team Cornerback Vincent Jackson, early in the 2nd quarter of that October 10th 2021 game. Hill was not only hit, but grabbed his head and was clearly immediately hurt by the act. Meanwhile and unbelievably, Vincent Jackson was not ejected or fined, and defended his on-the-field play.

This is what Hill said after the game, after emerging from concussion protocol, and in his first press conference on his condition:

The Saints Utility Specialist and Backup QB said he could not remember anything within a 45-minute period. He said he did not black out but he clearly does not remember being in the locker room for a time, then he said “That’s scary.” And it is.

Hill also remarked that after the hit, he experienced some swelling, sensitivity to noise, and headaches.

According to sports medicine specialist Dr. Jesse Morse Hill could have been back out of the concussion protocol in time for next week after October 10th. This is what Dr. Morse said on YouTube:

But Taysom Hill was in the concussion protocol for a much longer period of time: 24 days, including the Saints’ bye week, for Hill to recover and return to practice. After he did, Hill plsyed against the Atlanta Falcons (1 rush for 4 yards) and then the Tennessee Titans (3 rushes for 23 yards, and 1 catch for 15 yards), and that has been it. He practiced last week before the Thanksgiving Game against the Buffalo Bills, but was then ruled out and on “emergency status” because of a foot injury he has sustained since week 5 of this NFL Season.

Then, on Monday of the week of the Thanksgiving Game against the Buffalo Bills, the Saints curiously announced that they signed Hill to a hybrid contract that pays him $22 million in his role as utility player, but can go up to $90 million if he starts at QB. The news sent many Saints fans into a lather because of the questions it brought up. Like, why sign Hill before Jameis Winston, who guided the Saints to a 5 win, 2 loss record before being sidelined due to an illegal horse collar tackle by Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker Devin White?

Then, when the decision to keep him out of the Bills came was made public, the reaction was that Hill had to have some secret about Coach Peyton so bad the Saints are paying him to sit on the bench.

The Saints have remained mum on details regarding Taysom Hill, which caused this blogger to look into his injury history. The reports on Taysom Hill and injuries are inaccurate, stating that he had the one concussion sustained against the Washington Football Team (WFT). The truth is Hill had not one, but two known concussions in 2021 – the first one was January 3rd 2021.

That happened against the Carolina Panthers and Ken Trahan of Cresent City Sports wrote “Taysom Hill was concussed late in the win at Charlotte,” and there’s little press on what happened to him. It’s noted that Hill returned to practice on a limited basis on January 6th and ahead of the NFC Wild Card Game against the Chicago Bears. But there’s no detail about that first concussion of 2021.

Easton was the only player listed as missing practice while five others participated on a limited basis, including J.T. Gray, Trey Hendrickson, Josh Hill, Taysom Hill and Marcus Williams.

Taysom Hill was concussed late in the win at Charlotte, Hendrickson continues to battle a neck injury and Williams, who missed last week’s game, has an ankle injury. Gray, a top special teams player, has a shoulder injury.


But, the first concussion an NFL player sustains should be cause for concern regarding that player’s future. The University Of Michigan writes:

These general rules apply to return to play after a first concussion. After more than one concussion, the player will most likely need a longer recovery time. Because the risk for a second concussion is greatest within 10 days of the first concussion, it’s very important to make sure the player is completely recovered before he or she returns to play. A second injury, even if it is not a head injury, could cause permanent brain damage or death.

In the case of Taysom Hill that second injury happened on October 10th in the WFT Game. What Hill later reported to the press – that he has 45-minutes of lifetime he can’t remember after that hit – was undoubtedly told to the league first, and had to be a major reason why Hill was held out for a longer period of time than expected. On top of that, Hill has played on special teams, and even blocked a punt, in addition to his many running and receiving contributions in 2020 and 2019 – more reasons to be concerned about his brain health.

It’s fair to assert that Hill may have “gotten his bell rung” many more times than any other backup NFL Quarterback over the years. Take the hit he sustained during the Chicago Bears NFC Wild Card Game, where Hill was pushed to the ground with such force that as he walked off the field, Taysom shook his head as if he was trying to clear it.

And here’s another hard tackle Hill received when he was in as receiver for the same NFC Wild Card Game. In fact, the hit was so hard (Hill’s helmet-covered head made violent contact with the turf) and Taysom got up so slowly, the announcer talked about it: watch video here.

So, technically, Hill suffered head injuries three times in 2021, not once, from what video and reporting evidence tells us.

Taysom Hill Should Be Evaluated For Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE

In my opinion, Taysom Hill now can be said to have suffered brain damage and fits the candidate who is suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE. The Pro Athlete Law Group writes: http://proathletelawgroup.com/dangers-of-concussions-in-the-nfl/

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is found in individuals with a history of repetitive head trauma, including symptomatic concussions, which results in the production of abnormal proteins. These proteins interrupt normal brain functioning and eventually kill the nerve cells. However, NFL doctors say the NFL is not a direct contributor to CTE, pointing out individuals with brain degeneration that have never set foot on a football field.

Unfortunately, players such as Junior Seau, Jovan Belcher, Andre Waters, Mike Webster, and Ray Easterling suffered from CTE, which abruptly ended their lives. These former NFL players suffered brain degeneration, including symptoms such as memory loss, impaired judgment, impulse control issues, aggression, depression, suicidality, and eventually progressive dementia.


Taysom Hill Should Not Play QB For The New Orleans Saints Until His Head Is Examined In Detail Considering His Past

In my view, the Saints were right to sign Taysom Hill up for immediate payment via the hybrid contract. It’s a quiet admission that the Saints allowed Hill a level of playing time far greater than reasonable from the view of brain health, considering the different positions he was playing and many times during the same game: quarterback, running back, receiver, and kick-returner.

For those reasons, I not only say that Taysom Hill should not be allowed to start or play at quarterback, but his brain health should be examined extensively to conclusively determine if he has CTE. Nothing less than Taysom Hill’s future with his wife and family hang in the balance.

In closing, the NFL still has a long way to go in the path of progress of taking care of its players. The recent news has been embarassing. From the NFL openly discriminating against black players regarding brain function, and using a crazy practice called “race-norming” to allowing a player like Taysom Hill to sustain a dangerous number of tackles that impact his brain health, and even more examples. The NFL must clean up its act, even if it calls for payouts to players to get them to retire to save their lives.

Stay tuned.

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