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"White Privilege Tax" Video: Mark Dice Ignorant Of American History, Black History, Too

“White Privilege Tax” Video: Mark Dice Ignorant Of American History, Black History, Too – Transcript

“White Privilege Tax” Video: Mark Dice Ignorant Of American History, Black History, Too – Transcript

The vlog above called “”White Privilege Tax” Video: Mark Dice Ignorant Of American History, Black History, Too”, was posted in 2015, and while I, Zennie Abraham, never expressed support for reparations (which is the idea that African Americans should be paid for the sins of American racism), racism itself on the part of many viewers stopped them from comprehending my message. They assumed I did, and did not consume my complex explanation, tying together themes originally presented in my 1987 Berkeley thesis “A Theory Of Decline: The American Institution In The World Economy”. Here’s the latest video, pointing to viewer “learning problems”:

That’s why I posted the transcript, in raw form, below. Anyone reading it would see that I was not calling for reparations. Ask yourself. Why would anyone fail to pay attention to my message? Have we fallen that far as an intellectual society?

Here’s the full transcript from my 2015 vlog:

Hey everyone I’m making this video blog in response to mark Dice really insulting an awful video called white new white privilege tax for all white people supported by minorities and shocking racism experiment now I’ve never heard of mark Dice until this video popped up in my YouTube feed and I looked at it basically what he does is go around San Diego talk to mostly black folks he says minorities but mostly black folks one person who’s Latino and Asian but mostly black folks and asks them to sign a petition for in support of something called a white privilege tax and he says you know whether condescending kind of weird fashion well yeah basically tax the white man and that sort of thing and he gets signatures he thinks this is

And so dice and I was talking to you mister dice says oh these mentally deranged morons that’s we called the people who sign the petition and immediately thought is someone who is old enough to be mr. dice father although I’ve dated women younger than him I thought you know he has no sense of history doesn’t understand what the entire historic discussion of reparations for slavery has been and comes off with a really typical middle-aged white male conservative point of view and he thinks that’s okay as opposed to a point of view that really could be intelligent not at all when mister McMartin when you refer to your people you were interviewing as mentally deranged morons I immediately stopped I just turned off the video because going back to the late 1800s to 1999 when the African world reparation called for 777 trillion dollars trillion dollars to be paid by the West to Africa within five years and more recently to a great piece in the Atlantic about what a modern policy design around reparations would look like in America this has been a constant discussion why because the damage of slavery and the damage of prejudice now you would say I’m talking about today and this idea of white privilege it exists you undoubtedly

For example as we give you an example you undoubtedly would be a fan of open carry that is someone having the right to carry say in an ar-15 wherever they go but there’s a famous YouTube video showing what happens to a black person a black guy black man when he carries it versus a white guy most white guys buy ar-15 so really this is a policy that supports white guys supporting our 15s because a black guy carrying a ar-15 in open carry area is several times more likely to be attacked and jailed under some reading of a law on obscure law than his white counterpart that’s not right it goes further than that but what bothers me about your video is it never occurred to you to ask the question what is it in the experience of the people and I’m talking to that will allow them to immediately sign this petition and for those of you watching this don’t understand California law anyone can establish an initiative to change your law

A fella tried to do this not too far from where Mark lives in San Diego and if that law were passed it would have allowed a person who’s really screwed up to shoot somebody else who they thought was gay you heard that correctly fortunately our great Attorney General hopefully Senator Kamala Harris squashed that and it never came to a point where the citizens of California would be allowed the opportunity to vote on such a horrendous thing so for you mark mr. dice to walk around and ask for people for signatures in the California context is quite common so a person from that perspective is going to stop and listen to

First of all a be knowing and having seen given that this video was put up very recently having seen having seen pure Marion examples of police white police brutality on the part of black to black persons those persons are sensitized to the idea that something has to be done so here comes you know white guy middle-aged you know look harmless looking harmless looking asking the question they think you’re cool so then you turn around you call them mentally deranged morons

I still can’t I can’t get over that a person would use their YouTube channel to insult other people that way again if the bottom line is you buried the lede you say your media analyst let me tell you something pal as a guy who’s been in media never runs his own media company you buried the lede okay the lead was what is it what’s going on that would cause people to think we need to sign this kind of petition where do we go wrong I will tell you the problem mr. dice the problem is this today we are in a country that is one of only two countries that has a combination of great economic power and yet a multi-ethnic population and we are in competition with other countries that are becoming as powerful some would argue that China is more powerful I would argue they are not because of the lack of military but I digress military of our size but I digress ok.

My point basically is this all the other countries China Japan before the newly industrialized countries the Pacific Rim many other countries the emerging countries within northern Africa the changing in emerging South Africa is falling within the multi-ethnic area and therefore along with the UK and United States on the other side of the equation that I’m presenting but it looks like this

The other countries that I mentioned most notably China and Japan are properly recognizes multi excuse me mono-ethnic we the United States UK South Africa primarily of course you have the European Union and others but primarily primarily the UK and the United States are identified as multi-ethnic countries and if you take a look at the policies the social policies they don’t take care of their own whereas the model ethnic countries take care of their own the classic example that goes all the way back to my thesis that I wrote in at Berkeley in 1987 a theory of decline the American institution the world economy is that these in Japan’s case with its Chiritsu structure. Its businesses are subsidized by its government to dump products dump means to sell a product below its production cost thereby allowing sale for a lower price in another market in this case the American market to take over an industry in this classic example the automotive industry

By contrast, today, we have United Airlines, an American company, merged that merged with the Continental with worldwide routes saying that it is having a hard time competing against Airlines from Qatar for example because Qatar heavily subsidizes its airlines like Emirates and allows them to compete successfully and aggressively in our domestic market so the obvious question is why don’t we subsidize United Airlines

Let’s go a step further. Why don’t we subsidize heavy industry in this country to keep those industries here? Why? because what’s happened and what’s happened over the past 35 years and is only intensified over the generation is the offshoring of jobs and the result is that our wages adjusted for inflation have arguably not rung arguably not grow all you have to do is go back apply common inflation’s test formula to 1960 and see what i’m talking about it’s very simple to do.

If you understand that all mathematical economics now when you do this analysis you will come to the conclusion that you look at the demographics of our countries we compete against that basically they take care of their own businesses and people and we don’t.

If we had a system where we were keeping more jobs here where the American standard living could be supported through subsidized wages where person could get a great paying job not a job at McDonald’s (no offense to McDonald’s) but I’m saying not a desire to mass amis push up the minimum wage to a point where chokes off small business growth, okay, which could happen could happen ,all right?

And I’m a fan of minimum wage, but I have a limit here – as a small business when I have a limit myself. Okay, my point is basically this we’re getting we’re at a point where without subsidizing wages we pit people against each other for jobs we say to them get retrained for jobs – the jobs aren’t there.

And we don’t do a good job maintaining them right here in our soil right here. The best example of where we came close to taking care of our own was the economic stimulus package that President Obama passed in 2009. It worked. It worked very well – any cold read of economic statistics the United States (if you know how to read them and analyze them, okay) will tell you that. A very cold read will tell you that so all this worldview that I’m giving you comes back to what I’m talking about: we don’t take care of each other.

You call yourself an American citizen and yet you print put out something that’s anti-american and not only that it’s anti-us-getting-us-together, bringing us together.

You like to rip us apart okay that’s my criticism with your video and your point of view. You’re not a media critic. In fact you’re a lot like Fox News.

That was my transcript, and no where in it did I call for reparations. But the people who commented acted as if I did. It proves that racism makes people not understand each other.

Stay tuned.

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