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The Eagle Offense For The Nfl

Zennie Abraham’s Eagle Offense Playbook Endorsed By Former Cal Offensive Coach Tony Franklin

The Eagle Offense (theeagleoffense.com) is an expression of my interest in why the 2007 New England Patriots Offense (the one that went undefeated during that NFL Regular Season only to be stopped by the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII) worked so well.  In it, Quarterback Tom Brady threw for 4,751 yards, and 50 touchdowns.   And the only reason the Patriots lost Super Bowl XLII was because they went away from its basic approach: spread formations and short passing.  Then, as fast as that approach hit the NFL, it was done.  New England never went back to it.  I never forgot it.  Here’s a video of the offense in action:

Then consider the success of The Golden State Warriors under Head Coach Steve Kerr.  That offense features plays with two of five players stationed at either corner of the half-court.  Their positioning spreads the defense, and often either player was left wide open to take a three-point shot.   Here’s a video of that offense in action:

Then consider the use of football offenses where there were four wide-receivers to one side of the formation.  Two of my favorite football coaches, Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly, and Cal’s former Offensive Coordinator Tony Franklin, were practitioners of that formation approach.  That type of set forces the defense to make unusual coverage choices.  But, to my mind, I’ve never seen one offensive attack based on that formation approach.   

And then consider the popularity of the no-huddle-offense and the Airraid attack over the last 10 years.  While I am a giant fan of pre-shifting, I do agree with many who argue that the no-huddle can force the defense to make coverage mistakes, too.   

Add all of that with my love of the Bill Walsh Precision Passing Approach, with its emphasis on timing and ball placement, and his calls for variation in his passing attack, and his love for mobile quarterbacks, and you get The Eagle Offense.   

I sent a cooy this playbook to Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden before anyone else, last week.  The reason is simple: he always paid attention to, and asked for, my play ideas and concepts.  The last time was at the 2018 NFL Owners Meeting in Orlando, when coach Gruden had Raiders Public Relations Executive Will Kiss wait for me in the hotel lobby to receive my play drawings.   In this video, I talked about that event at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando, in 2018:

Gruden later used the approach that season.

Finally, before I present the second version of the playbook, here’s a testimonial from Coach Franklin:

“The attention to detail and the time you’ve spent on your playbook ideas is a dedication unseen by most. Your love for the game is obvious and makes u much more committed than any reporter or fan. Good job!!!” – Coach Tony Franklin, famed former Cal Offensive Coordinator, Middle Tennessee State Offensive Coordinator, Airraid Offense Developer, creator of the The Tony Franklin System.

Here’s the Eagle Offense Playbook

The Eagle Offense for NFL F… by Zennie Abraham

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